Aligned Announce Its Position as Founding Partner of Infrastructure Masons

New York, NY – February 22, 2017 – Aligned, an infrastructure technology company that offers cloud, enterprise, and service providers colocation and build-to-scale data center solutions, announced today its position as a Founding Partner of Infrastructure Masons (IM), a not-for-profit organization of industry professionals who design, build and operate the technical infrastructure of the digital age.

Technical infrastructure (data center, compute, storage and network) is the backbone of today’s digital economy and an increasingly large part of the total $3.5 trillion global annual IT expenditure, according to IT research firm Gartner. Data center construction alone is expected to increase at a robust 9.3% annually, according to research firm Research and Markets. The immense size and robust growth of this industry can only be sustained by continuing to attract and develop talent across a broad spectrum of necessary skills.

Aligned’s mission to solve some of the toughest market challenges that data centers face today is closely aligned with the goals of Infrastructure Masons. As one of the Founding Partners, Aligned will collaborate with the leaders from other top hyper scale companies to tackle these types of industry issues, such as enabling better, more reliable and energy efficient infrastructure inside these mission critical facilities.

By activating strategic thinkers from its team, Aligned will help inform the next generation of talent about exciting career opportunities in the field, educate the industry about the power of intelligent infrastructure, mentor and develop fellow Masons and develop new ways to deliver data centers more responsibly and efficiently.

“Infrastructure Masons serves as a great mobilizer for education, talent cultivation and collaboration within the industry,” said Jakob Carnemark, founder and CEO of Aligned. “The opportunity to become involved was an easy one for us as many of their initiatives directly compliment the core values we were founded on.”

“Building the digital infrastructure today is a project as large, and as important, as the construction of the electric grid in the early 1900s, or the building of the Interstate Highway system in the 1950s,” said Joe Kava, a member of Infrastructure Masons’ End User Advisory Council. “It will have the same breadth of social, economic, and cultural impact as these other great infrastructure projects.”

“We are so pleased that Aligned is supporting Infrastructure Masons through the Founding Partner program,” said Mark Monroe, Executive Director of the group. “Jakob will be a great addition to the Partner Advisory Council, and Aligned’s expertise in sustainability, stewardship, and innovation will help drive iMasons’ mission forward as a respected, professional society for digital infrastructure builders.”

Aligned’s commitment to evolving data center design for improved reliability, sustainability and scalability for general betterment works hand-in-hand with Infrastructure Masons’ charter to help members connect, grow, and give back.

On February 23rd, leaders from Aligned will team up with Infrastructure Masons as they join forces with the Technology Convergence Conference (TCC) in San Jose, CA to provide a powerful day of infrastructure collaboration, networking and education opportunities.

About Aligned

Aligned is an infrastructure technology company that offers colocation and build-to-scale solutions to cloud, enterprise, and service providers. Our intelligent infrastructure allows us to deliver data centers like a utility—accessible and consumable as needed. By reducing the energy, water and space needed to operate, our data center solutions combined with our patent cooling technology offer businesses a competitive advantage by improving reliability and their bottom-line.

About Infrastructure Masons

Infrastructure Masons is a group of industry professionals who design, build and operate the technical infrastructure of the digital age. The IM community is where professionals connect, grow and give back. Established in April of 2016, iMasons is a 501(c)6, non-profit association of individuals, and assesses levels of industry knowledge based on criteria in three dimensions – Experience, Economics and Stewardship. iMasons is guided by the End User and Partner Advisory Councils, consisting of leaders of some of the largest and most advanced technical infrastructure portfolios in the world. As of January 2017, membership exceeded 1,000 individuals representing over $100Bn in Infrastructure projects in over 130 countries.