Aligned Underscores Power of Adaptability; Performance with Industry Leaders

Reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure technology allows client partnerships to flourish

DALLAS (June 21, 2018)Aligned, a leading data center provider, is a trusted partner to some of the tech industry’s most influential leading companies that demand excellence and performance.

Whether a large-scale cloud provider or an enterprise of any size, Aligned offers a future-proof design that delivers the adaptability to maneuver and scale on demand with fluctuating data demands during high-traffic points, while reducing latency.

Sabre Corporation, which operates a leading global travel marketplace that processes more than $120 billion of global travel spend annually, approached Aligned with a demand for faster response times, greater reliability, and a global reach.

Sabre required a highly efficient data center capable of supporting hyper-converged infrastructure with rack densities up to 50 kW (1000 watts + per square foot). Aligned met this demand and delivered with great success by leading the way in data center densification that allows for vertical growth within the same footprint.

“Travel simply cannot happen without Sabre technology, and we are driven to reimagine the industry by delivering innovative ways for our travel supplier and agency customers to retail, distribute and fulfill travel for their consumers,” said Sabre CIO, Joe DiFonzo. “We selected Aligned as a data center partner for their ability to support our rapid innovation, implementation and quality product development as we build out our micro-service enabled platform and execute our global cloud strategy.”

Insight Enterprises, a technology company that maximizes the business value of IT, chose Aligned to help create a more efficient operative system that would allow Insight to be adaptive, while ensuring reliability.

“Insight sets a high bar for technology and our new data center was no exception,” said Insight CIO, Mike Guggemos. “We needed a partner to build a data center that would meet our current and future needs as we optimize our operations.”

Aligned’s mission is to make critical infrastructure smart enough to continuously improve both its economic performance and environmental impact, delivering a noticeable business advantage, while helping secure the health of the environment.

“Our approach to infrastructure deployment allows us to deliver data centers like a utility – accessible and consumable as needed. This model allows us to reduce the energy, water and space needed to operate physical data center environments,” said Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned. “Our data center solutions, combined with our patent cooling technology, offer businesses a competitive advantage by improving reliability and increasing flexibility while reducing their bottom line.”

Aligned’s factory-built eSYNC absorption units capture and remove heat at its source, resulting in a hyper scalable and ultra-efficient environment that dynamically allows workload densities to scale in place, as opposed to spreading out or requiring a massive investment to augment floors for increasing heat loads.

About Aligned

Aligned is an infrastructure technology company that offers colocation and build-to-scale solutions to cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers. Our intelligent infrastructure allows us to deliver data centers like a utility—accessible and consumable as needed. By reducing the energy, water and space needed to operate, our data center solutions combined with our patented cooling technology offer businesses a competitive advantage by improving reliability and their bottom-line.