DigiPlex plugs into district heating in Stockholm

Waste heat from established data center now goes to good use

Nordic data center operator DigiPlex will connect its Stockholm data center to the local district heating system, providing enough hot air to warm 10,000 apartments, thanks to a deal signed  with Stockholm Exergi, (formerly Fortum Värme).

The project will be the fist time an operational data center, with an indirect evaporative air-to-air cooling solution, is retrofitted to recover excess heat, the two organizations say.

Browsing hurts the planet

“Every time we browse the Internet, stream a TV series or use the cloud, a process starts in a data center. If that data center is a power-hungry, fossil fuel-fired one that releases excess heat into the atmosphere, we as individuals are contributing to climate change,” said Gisle Eckhoff, DigiPlex CEO. ”Digitization needs to support improved sustainability.”

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