Andrew Schaap

“After seeing Aligned’s data center platform and hearing directly from customers about their client-centric experience, I was eager to join. Aligned is laser-focused on delivering dynamic solutions, with industry-leading technology, to their clients.”

Anubhav Raj

“Aligned is redefining infrastructure for the digital age from a design, operation and management standpoint. With technological exploration at the core of Aligned’s mission, I look forward to contributing to the company’s practice and culture of innovation.”

Phill Lawson-Shanks

“A new breed of data centers is required to keep up with the demands we are all placing on the services these facilities support. Aligned’s highly adaptable and efficient critical infrastructure is able to facilitate the very platforms we rely on to navigate our personal and professional lives today, while seamlessly scaling to accommodate customers’ unpredictable usage and growth models of tomorrow.”

Eric Jacobs

“I’m thrilled to have joined Aligned. Customers’ requirements are quickly eclipsing the traditional data center delivery model. Their business and technology needs are dynamic, requiring data center operators to maintain ultimate flexibility, unprecedented density, and efficiency throughout every aspect of operations. With its unmatched, dynamic platform, Aligned is the only provider uniquely positioned to address these challenges, now and into the next decade.”

Paul Hohnsbeen

“Aligned culture of Customer centric innovation, execution speed, adaptability, and teamwork provide the opportunity to create unique, future- facing solutions. I look forward to this opportunity at a personal, company and society level, to apply our deep craft skills and culture to contribute to meaningful partnership with our customers, in this period of unprecedented global demand for data.”

Joanna Soucy

“Aligned helps deliver some of the most innovative platforms and critical services in use today. With this great achievement comes great responsibility. With a data center platform purpose-built to enable flexibility and efficiency, backed by a proven delivery model and talented, passionate team, Aligned is ideally positioned to meet the needs of customers and host the world’s engines of innovation.”

David Robinson

“After more than a decade in telecom, I joined Aligned at its founding because of the opportunity to bring revolutionary technology to an industry poised for explosive growth.”

Billie Haggard

“Being part of a company making great strides in how data centers are built and operated is exciting. Aligned is building and provisioning dynamic, adaptable and sustainable colocation and build-to-scale strategies to prove that smart infrastructure really can change the world. I’m thrilled to support that vision by working alongside a team of such innovative and insightful individuals as we empower our customers into the future.”

Michael Morris

“Once I met the team, it quickly became clear that Aligned is something different. There is an energy, a passion and a drive to do something special. A true customer-first mentality is not just a tag line for Aligned, it’s in every employee’s DNA. I knew Aligned was the place for me, and a place where we could make a meaningful mark in the industry.”

Deborah Frazer

“When I learned of Aligned’s sustainability mission and sensed their commitment, I knew I had to join the team. Aligned is on a path to disrupt the industry by providing cutting-edge solutions to clients today, and a better future for us all.”

Wendy Mehta

“I was drawn to the outward appreciation, respect, and commitment the leadership team exudes towards the talented employees that work at Aligned. I knew this company was a place where my passion for creating and fostering best-in-class People initiatives could thrive. I am thrilled to be part of such an extraordinary team.” Wendy Mehta Wendy […]

Mercy Manning

Mercy’s strategic sales, business development and finance experience spans the tech industry and is rooted in the venture and start-up culture of Silicon Valley. In her current role at Aligned, Mercy is responsible for strategic account growth with the major cloud providers and hyperscale community as well as evangelizing Aligned’s resource efficiency objectives and core […]

Matthew Chambliss

As SVP, Finance, Matt is responsible for Aligned’s financial activities, plans and policies, working directly with the company’s senior leadership team to collaborate on strategic decisions about the organization’s future. Prior to Aligned, Matt served as the Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at Spirit Realty Capital, Inc. and Roofing Supply Group (RSG). He also […]

Sam McKelvey

“Aligned is quickly becoming a household name in the data center industry which can be attributed entirely to the members of this team – from end to end. It is a pleasure working with and seeing Aligned’s ‘people’ bringing an idea to life every day.” Sam Mckelvey, senior director, Finance As Sr. Director of Finance, […]

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