Joanna Soucy

EVP, Brand Strategy

“Aligned helps deliver some of the most innovative platforms and critical services in use today. With this great achievement comes great responsibility. With a data center platform purpose-built to enable flexibility and efficiency, backed by a proven delivery model and talented, passionate team, Aligned is ideally positioned to meet the needs of customers and host the world’s engines of innovation.”

Joanna Soucy is an experienced Marketing and Public Relations executive specializing in driving business growth and technical content development.  Her communication strategy, client management and relationship skills have helped to steer some of today’s fastest growing data center, cloud and network brands.

As Executive Vice President of Brand Strategy for Aligned, Joanna is responsible for implementing brand positioning, promotional activities, public relations, and other business strategies through multiple communication channels in order to maximize reach and effectiveness of Aligned’s mission, vision and values.

Prior to joining Aligned, Joanna served as Vice President of Strategic Development at iMiller Public Relations (iMPR), where she oversaw account management, client services and project management teams in executing all aspects of PR and marketing strategy, as well as customer service and business development activities. Prior to her executive appointment, Joanna was instrumental in growing iMPR’s Content Department, which helped shape key industry messages for iMPR and its clients.

Joanna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Illinois State University.