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Why Mexico?

The data center market in Mexico is attracting significant investment, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.75% through 2028.

Digital transformation, along with demand for cloud computing, big data analytics, AI, 5G, and IoT has spurred growth across the Mexican data center market.

Queretaro is the country’s primary data center hub. QR-01 is among the largest data center campuses in Mexico.

QR-01 Data Center Facts

563,490 Sq. Ft.

Total Area

32 MW
~29,062 Sq. Ft.

Raised Floor

QR-01 Data Center

  • Located in the Querétaro Industrial Park
  • Strategic location that provides connections to the country’s main carriers
  • 170 km from downtown Mexico City
  • Proximity to many Mexican data centers
  • Low risk of seismic activity


  • 29,062 sq. ft. raised floor space


  • Carrier-neutral


  • ISO 9001, ISO 20001, ISO 27001

QR-01 Data Center Photos

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QR-01 – Carretera Queretaro San Luis Potosi, Av. La Montaña #100,
76220 Santa Rosa Jáuregui, Qro., Mexico

What’s Inside

Cooling Infrastructure

The Free Cooling System shuts down chiller compressors on cooler days and uses external ambient air to improve PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).

Power Distribution

Flexible, modular equipment designed for hyper-scalability, resiliency and 100% uptime


Ultra-efficient, rapidly deployable infrastructure with renewable power options

Operational Excellence

Customer-driven team, offering remote hands assistance for enterprises

Customer Portal

Real-time visibility and control
of your infrastructure

Security and Compliance

Multi-layered physical security
and stringent data protection standards

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