Aligned Named NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center Partner

Aligned has been named an NVIDIA DGXReady Data Center Partner.  Among NVIDIA’s inaugural data center partners, Aligned is specially qualified to help organizations in the U.S. streamline the building and deployment of their own DGX system-based artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure.

The NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center program provides customers with access to a qualified network of NVIDIA colocation partners and world-class data center facilities such as Aligned.  Aligned’s data center platform and intelligent technologies can support accelerated computing operations, while also mitigating the challenges typically associated with facilities planning.

AI and deep learning workloads place unique demands on data center resources, requiring careful consideration and planning from a power and cooling perspective. Industry-leading systems such as NVIDIA’s DGX require forward-thinking data center facilities complete with adaptable, sustainable infrastructure that can accommodate large power densities and remove heat at its source, while cost-effectively supporting scale.

Aligned powers next-generation technologies such as NVIDIA’s through four core pillars of its data center platform: Velocity, Scalability, Adaptability and Sustainability – or VSAS™.

Focused on an advanced supply chain and site selection process, Aligned’s Velocity allows new data center builds to be delivered in as few as six months.  These initial deployments typically range from 2 to 20+ MW, and scale beyond in as little as three months.  At any given point in time, Aligned vendors hold an approximately 50 MW, auto-replenished pool of available inventory, ready for immediate deployment and comprised of prefabricated, factory-built and tested power and cooling equipment.

Our patented cooling technology, Delta Cube (Delta³), allows for maximum Scalability.  Customers can deploy infrastructure where and when they need it, and reconfigure quickly and seamlessly (and usually within the same footprint) as their requirements change. They can initiate at one density profile and scale up to 50 kW per rack without disruption.  Looking beyond standard chilled water or compression technologies to drive cooling efficiencies, Aligned also remains flexible enough to design reliable data center solutions for capacities extending beyond 50 kW per rack.

Aligned’s Adaptable infrastructure enables customers to deploy infrastructure quickly as needed (and reconfigure seamlessly if necessary) as their businesses grow – allowing for true future-proofing.

Founded on the premise of solving energy consumption and water usage challenges associated with data center infrastructure, Aligned is helping companies meet their Sustainability goals, deliver greater business value with less costly energy and infrastructure resources.

Discover how Aligned can streamline the building and deployment of your NVIDIA DGX system-based AI data center by contacting [email protected].

Additional information regarding the program can be found on the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center website.