Supporting your Growth Globally, on a MEGA Scale

Others may offer solutions that are build to suit, but ours are built to SCALE.

Aligned’s Build-to-Scale data centers are delivered at unprecedented speeds with unmatched scalability to solve the needs of hyperscale and large enterprise customers. From campuses to powered shell, our design or custom data center deployments, Aligned can complete a Build-to-Scale project in any market your business growth demands.

Solving for the Fast and the Furious

Speed is the new scale. The need to deploy new services and products quickly and efficiently is driving changes in how hyperscale companies and large enterprises plan for their capacity needs. Learn how Aligned rapidly designs and builds adaptive, efficient campuses and data centers that support massive scale, anywhere in the world.

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Infrastructure Delivered Globally, Where and When You Need It

You pick the spot, we bring the watts. With decades of experience in engineering, building, owning, and operating critical infrastructure, Aligned’s speed of delivery is second to none. We can build a new campus or data center integrating our proven adaptive design and patented technology, or deploy a custom solution according to your specifications.

Powered Shell

Designed, built and delivered where and when needed

Customer or Aligned-owned, installed & operated power & cooling infrastructure (MEP)

Customer or Aligned-managed utilities & security

Scale Data Centers

Aligned-owned, installed & operated power and cooling infrastructure (MEP)

Aligned-managed utilities and security

Flexible leasing terms

Why Build-to-Scale with Aligned?

We can deliver infrastructure anywhere your business growth demands. Our team members have been designing, building, engineering and operating mission-critical infrastructure in international markets for decades. With our advanced supply chain methodology and experienced global partners, Aligned Data Centers can help you grow with confidence. We can provide incrementally scalable data center capacity, whether aligned with your company’s design or ours, in unprecedented timeframes.

Flexibility & Optionality

Maximum flexibility to drive the best possible outcome for customers

Patient, sophisticated capital

Design optionality to meet your requirements

Incrementally scalable deployments

Speed to Market

Preemptive site evaluation and due diligence

Proven Basis of Design

Advanced supply chain and readily available vendor-managed inventory

Prefabricated, factory-built and tested power & cooling equipment


100% of IT load matched with renewable sources

Ultra-efficient cooling solution uses less energy and water, with ability to run waterless as required

Sustainability-linked financing and carbon-tracking

Scale and Safety

Rapidly scalable and repeatable model

Adaptable infrastructure, scale vertically or horizontally

Operational maturity and Industry-leading safety record

Laser-focused on eliminating risk and cost exposure

Aligned to the demands of your business, we deliver data centers with the flexibility and control you need

Penetrate new markets

Preemptive site evaluation across multiple facets in multiple markets to minimize development timeframes

Advanced supply chain and vendor-managed inventory eliminates bottlenecks

Prefabricated, factory-built and tested power and cooling equipment ready for immediate deployment


Modular systems, fast builds, lower cost, and standardized processes repeatable anywhere, anytime

Modular infrastructure deployed seamlessly and just-in-time to accommodate variable capacity and application requirements

MEP tied to building vs. individual data hall, enabling multi-MW, on-demand expansion

Grow with confidence

Advanced supply chain methodology ensures that high-growth, high-capacity customers achieve speed-to-market and scale with minimal risk exposure

Flexible ramps allow customers to contract and pay based upon actual power utilization – ideal for long-range capacity planning

Capital strength and stability enable unmatched flexibility in deal structures and lease terms