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Aligned Access™ Network and Data Center Connectivity

Go wherever you need to go with Aligned Access. Expand your reach and dynamically connect to customers, partners, and cloud, service and network providers within or between our data centers, and beyond.

Data Center Connectivity Services

Aligned Access provides high reliability connections and low-latency transport wherever you need to go. Seamlessly expand your reach and dynamically connect to customers and partners; cloud, IT service and network providers; Internet Exchange (IX) platforms; and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) found within or between our data centers as well as beyond them.

Strategically located in regions with robust fiber infrastructure and fast internet connectivity speeds, our facilities offer neutral connectivity to a robust network of top-tier carriers and telecommunications providers by way of multiple diverse Meet-Me Rooms.

Our modern network infrastructure and intuitive, Software-defined Network (SDN) seamlessly adapt to your hybrid IT needs.

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Aligned Data Centers - Diagram

Public clouds offer economies of scale, shift capital expenses to operational expenses, provide elastic capacity, and keep infrastructure costs low for new projects and initiatives. However, if your organization is connecting to its cloud provider over the public Internet, it faces potential security risks, data loss, and unpredictable drops in network availability.

To make the most out of cloud computing, you need the performance, reliability, speed, and security that only private connectivity offers. Aligned enables secure, private, and cost-effective connectivity to leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, and others from all of our data center locations in Ashburn, VA, Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Phoenix, AZ, and Salt Lake City, UT.

Connections are offered at speeds starting at 1Gbps and can be provisioned instantaneously. Aligned’s Cloud Access delivers a flexible and transparent structure to align with your business needs.

With Cloud Router, Aligned enables customers to easily connect multiple regions of a single Cloud Service Providers (CSP), connect multiple CSPs in the same region, or connect multiple CSPs in different regions over PacketFabric’s Network-as-a-Service platform, allowing customers to completely bypass the public internet. 

  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity
  • Highly optimized cloud-to-cloud transfers
  • Complete control and transparency

In conjunction with our network partners, carrier-grade Layer 2 and Layer 3 transport services make connecting and extending your IT presence easier.

  • Dedicated or Blended IP Bandwidth from a broad choice of ISPs
  • Point-to-point, high-speed, low latency blended connectivity available through a variety of wholesale partners
  • Dedicated protected and unprotected 10 Gigabit Ethernet channels enable reliable connectivity between our data centers and nearby carrier hotels 

Fully lit and available on-net at our carrier-neutral facilities, connections to your customers, partners and service providers within Aligned data centers offer seamless provisioning and turn-up, high reliability, and low latency at no monthly cross-connect fee.  

Aligned customers in the greater Dallas market can now reach DE-CIX Dallas, the market’s largest carrier and data center neutral Internet Exchange with nearly 100 networks. Though a connection to DE-CIX via Aligned’s Dallas data center, companies can fortify their network interconnection, improve network performance and gain access to a diverse and reliable solution.