Why Aligned

Customer Experience

We are committed to service and operational excellence.

Aligned’s operational excellence begins with our experienced and skilled team

Aligned’s Operations Team owns the complete life cycle of our customers, including site operations, risk management and safety, security, business continuity/disaster recovery, and change management. By continuously measuring our operations against best practices and industry standards, and through customizable customer success dashboards and transactional surveys, we’re able to identify areas for improvement to further drive customer success.

  • Management Team has 10-15 years of data center experience
  • Critical Facilities Technicians have 5-7 years of critical environment experience
  • 25% of CFTs served aboard Nuclear Navy vessels
  • 75% of CFTs currently qualified under rigorous training program
  • All Operations Team members complete OSHA 10 during first month of onboarding
  • Data center operations exceed SLAs with zero SLA violations

Our culture is founded in passion, engineered from innovation, and driven by the pursuit of operational excellence

Along with efficient, scalable, and sustainable infrastructure, Aligned provides companies with a data center partner that has proven operational maturity. We deliver high-touch customer support and solutions while offering complete visibility and control over your computing environments.

Customer Portal

Providing reports on power usage and environmentals is a standard within our customer portal. We work with customers on specific PUE/BMS initiatives to capture any additional metering / monitoring requirements which can be delivered via an API or integrated into our standard portal. We have qualified full-time equivalent (FTE) personnel on site at all times who work to provide integration for our customers data needs and dashboards. Tickets and potential issues are resolved expeditiously.

Safety Matters

At Aligned, we don’t take safety for granted. We possess an industry-leading safety record across all our data center locations. To ensure consistency and continuous improvement across our safety principles and processes, Aligned conducts more than 40 drills and 60 training sessions annually, and our Safety Committee completes regular site audits. Safety is also a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tied into our financing: We are committed to having and reporting on a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) with respect to workplace safety.

Uptime is Everything

Aligned has achieved 100% uptime at all of its data center sites. Multiple Aligned data centers have also received Uptime Institute’s M&O Stamp of Approval, which demonstrates organizational excellence across operations, risk management and efficiency. The M&O Stamp of Approval certifies that Aligned’s mission-critical infrastructure meets the highest industry standard for operational excellence and upholds our responsibility to ensure consistent, transparent data center management and operations processes.