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Aligned Energy Announces Phase Two Expansion at Its Ashburn Data Center Campus

ASHBURN, VIRGINIA – MARCH 10, 2020 – Aligned Energy, a leading data center provider offering innovative, sustainable and adaptable colocation and build-to-scale solutions for cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers, announces that its hyperscale data center campus in Ashburn, Virginia will be expanded to meet growing customer demand. Representing one of the fastest expansions of new capacity in the Ashburn market this year, at full build, the campus will offer ~ 1 mm square feet of data center, office and amenity space as well as 180 MW of total critical load.

“Ashburn continues to be a critical growth market and we’re excited to embark on delivering the next phase of capacity in ‘Data Center Alley’,” says Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned. “The sophistication of customers, as well as the level of development and demand in the region, require unprecedented speed to market and solution versatility that pushes beyond the boundaries of traditional data center construction and operational methodologies. Designed to be truly adaptive and future-proof, the Aligned Ashburn campus attracts a broad range of customers and requirements, from the standard-density enterprise all the way up to the highest-density hyperscale organization.”

The Aligned Ashburn campus was built leveraging the Company’s advanced supply chain methodology, which is based on standardization, scalability, prefabrication and simplicity. It has been instrumental in ensuring that customers achieve aggressive speed-to-market and scale with minimal exposure to risk. Additionally, as Aligned’s customers in Ashburn gravitate towards multi-density environments, its patented, award-winning Delta³™ cooling system provides a hyper-scalable and ultra-efficient environment that dynamically adapts to customers’ IT loads and supports high, mixed and variable rack densities of 1-50kW in the same row.

Situated adjacent to the highest density of dark fiber in the nation, Aligned’s Ashburn campus provides ample connectivity, offering on and near-net access to more than 18 carriers, network fabrics, and major exchanges. Moreover, the Company’s Aligned Access™ solution enables customers to expand their reach and dynamically connect to customers and partners; cloud, IT service and network providers; Internet Exchange (IX) platforms; and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) found within its Ashburn data center and beyond.

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About Aligned Energy

Aligned is an infrastructure technology company that offers adaptable colocation and build-to-scale solutions to cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers. Our intelligent infrastructure allows densification and vertical growth within the same footprint, enabling customers to scale up without disruption, all while maintaining industry-leading Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). By reducing the energy, water and space needed to operate, our data center solutions, combined with our patented cooling technology, offer businesses a competitive advantage by improving sustainability, reliability and their bottom line. For more information, visit and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.