Aligned’s Colocation Flexibility Creates Faster Operational Up-Time

Scalable services and diverse network connectivity enables rapid deployment and reliable performance

DALLAS (May 8, 2018) – Aligned, a leading data center provider, offers innovative and sustainable colocation and build-to-scale solutions designed to meet and exceed client needs. Aligned’s facilities offer the flexibility to maneuver with fluctuating data demands during high-traffic points, while reducing latency.

“We recognize that our customers’ success relies on the ability to ensure 100 percent uptime,” said Aligned CEO, Andrew Schaap. “Our flexible model is designed to give businesses a distinct competitive advantage. We tailor the data center to fit to them, by providing a colocation space equipped to adapt to their demand, while keeping operational up-time, efficiency and reliability top priority.”

With data centers in Dallas, Phoenix, and a recently-announced facility in Salt Lake City, Aligned offers high-speed and diverse network connectivity throughout the South and Southwest regions of the U.S. Aligned’s  patented infrastructure technology improves performance and exceeds client expectations during high-traffic hours. As demand for data fluctuates at various times, Aligned’s technology accommodates this high-demand quickly without interruption.

Clients rely on Aligned’s future-proof colocation solutions that scale dynamically from one rack to thousands. Aligned offers truly scalable colocation services, diverse network connectivity, and comprehensive data center solutions that enable rapid deployment and reliable performance for the long haul.

Additionally, Aligned’s award-winning, factory-built cooling system absorbs heat directly from each enclosure, creating an efficient environment that supports high density power configurations, and reduces the risk of downtime due to technology failure.

About Aligned

Aligned is an infrastructure technology company that offers colocation and build-to-scale solutions to cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers. Our intelligent infrastructure allows us to deliver data centers like a utility—accessible and consumable as needed. By reducing the energy, water and space needed to operate, our data center solutions combined with our patented cooling technology offer businesses a competitive advantage by improving reliability and their bottom-line.