As the Internet’s Carbon Footprint Increases Daily with Global Usage, Ledger8760 Gives Data Center Providers a New Way to Track Carbon Emissions 24/7

An industry first: Four data center providers, Aligned Data Centers, Corscale Data Centers, Ascent and T5 Data Centers, will use Ledger8760 for more transparent, efficient and reliable digital carbon tracking and sustainability goal-setting

RENO, Nevada, December 9, 2021 – Ledger8760, the 24/7 carbon tracking platform that measures energy, emissions and utility information, is now enabling four leading data center providers – Aligned Data Centers, Corscale Data Centers, Ascent and T5 Data Centers – to be the first providers in their industry to offer transparent and accurate data of their carbon footprint to better inform their own and their hundreds of customers’ sustainability strategies and goals.

Data centers are the power plants of our modern world. Every time an email is sent, a video is watched or an internet link is clicked, data centers are activated, making them among the largest users of energy globally, and depending on how that energy is produced, carbon may be released into the environment. With Ledger8760’s 24/7 tracking, how, where and when energy is consumed can be measured with the greatest accuracy, allowing these data centers and their customers to establish a more environmentally conscious path forward and reduce their carbon emissions.

According to a 2021 survey from Boston Consulting Group GAMMA, organizations estimated a 30-40% error rate in their emissions reporting driven in large part by the difficulties in collecting key data. Ledger8760 enables these four data center providers to enhance their carbon tracking and measure the footprint hour-by-hour, seeing how customer energy consumption and the electric generation deployed to support it varies, as well as if the energy is coming from renewable or non-renewable sources. This allows for inefficiencies in operations and infrastructure to be recognized and helps identify equipment that needs to be replaced. If data centers are in regulated energy markets, for example, Ledger8760 also makes sure the best tariff is utilized and energy mix is optimized. All of this data captured is invaluable for data center customers to better understand how IT usage impacts their carbon footprint and as a result make smarter, greener decisions for their businesses.

“Many data centers claim to be 100% green but until they are measuring 24/7 carbon intensity, it’s hard to back that up. We see too many companies get caught up in receiving inaccurate emissions data or not capturing it often enough, but through our 24/7 tracking technology, we’re enabling leaders to be less concerned with data gathering and more concerned with change, because you can’t change what you can’t measure,” said Adam Kramer, CEO of Ledger8760. “We’re excited to help these data centers create a new standard for their industry and enable customers to more easily access the data they need to reach carbon-free energy goals.”

“Aligned has been committed to solving data center infrastructure, energy consumption and water usage challenges since its inception,” says Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned Data Centers. “Building on our ESG strategy marked by historic sustainability-linked financing, ultra-efficient cooling technologies, and a new standard for waterless data centers, providing carbon transparency for our customers was a natural progression. Partnering with Ledger8760 powers our platform with real-time, accurate and actionable data our customers can leverage to make more informed business decisions and reduce their overall environmental impact.”

“Corscale is focused on implementing industry leading de-carbonization and sustainability initiatives. We want to ensure that as stewards of critical natural resources, we enable our client’s own goals through real-time energy transparency,” says Nic Bustamante, Senior Vice President at Corscale. “The ability to now enable new operating models for hyperscale customers and balance their workloads across diverse clean energy sources is a key advantage. We’re excited to work with Ledger8760 to provide all of our clients with a pathway to achieve 24/7 carbon free energy.”

Furthering efficiencies in measuring their carbon footprint, the Ledger8760 platform enables each of the data centers to sync all of their utility data, inclusive of water and gas usage, to provide a unified view of their emissions and then connects it to the center’s financial data. This eliminates the vast amounts of time and dollars spent trying to centralize, manage and understand their utility data and allows these resources to be reallocated toward action and implementing positive change.

“At T5, we have the unique perspective of being both a facilities management service provider and a data center owner,” said Craig McKesson, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at T5. “Implementing Ledger8760 will finally enable us to efficiently and effectively baseline our ESG data and thus enable us to measure the overall impact of our carbon reduction initiatives while also providing our customers with a transparent, real-time view into their usage patterns.”

“Ascent is passionate about measuring and managing our carbon usage for our own and more importantly our clients’ knowledge to better inform sustainable business decisions,” said Chris Cleghorn, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Ascent. “We’re thrilled to partner with Ledger to deliver real-time carbon emissions data efficiently and with the highest level of accuracy possible. We look forward to seeing the data come in and the action we’re able to take as a result.”

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About Ledger8760

Ledger8760 was founded with the mission to help companies, cities and communities achieve their climate goals by operationalizing energy, financial and GhG emissions data. The company’s innovation solutions like Carbon Tools™ and Energy Tracker™ measure energy, emission and utility information in real-time, empowering customers to spend less time, energy and money on data tracking and focus on taking action, because you can’t change what you can’t measure.